The Healthy Burger

A Hamburger on a Diet

Human nature tends to lean towards things that are labelled ‘forbidden’ or ‘taboo’. More or less, everyone can relate to this feeling of wanting something you can’t have. Imagine yourself standing in a crowd when suddenly the air fills with an aroma you can’t resist. Your nostrils flare up, your throat is flooded with saliva, your stomach growls and you turn your nose towards the smell that is alluring you. There sitting tall and proud on a white plate is: a hamburger.

You try to peel your eyes away but, like metal towards magnet, they are attracted to the beef sandwich. At such a moment you tend to curse yourself for being on a strict dietary schedule and unable to relish this piece of extreme delight.

A simple hamburger with few condiments can be eaten at such point in life because beef is full of nutrients and boosts your energy.

The protein style burger, originating in California, uses lettuce leaves instead of the conventional buns; in this variation, one hundred and fifty calories are saved from consumption. The only toppings are onions; and if you skip the mayonnaise spread, you can further avoid eighty calories by replacing it with mustard and ketchup. Though this will impact the taste, the juicy beef and crunchiness of the lettuce tends to overpower the differences.

Gluten, which is a part of the cereal grain, provides the bun with elasticity and texture which enhances its appearance and the overall experience of eating a hamburger. This gluten is hard to break down in the body and thus is a major source of fat.

Jimmy Buffet’s Tropics now offers, along with the rest of their gluten free menu, hamburgers with gluten free buns. This can save up to nine grams of unsaturated fat, five grams of saturated fat and 250 calories. The entire meal in its true form can be enjoyed and relished without the worry of increasing fat and weight.

Simple hamburgers with the least amount of condiments can be devoured at once because this will provide with the right amount nutrients and prevent the intake of extra calories.

Keeping away from such delicacies’ like hamburger for a long time is nearly impossible, therefore options like the above can help one to enjoy the meal along with keeping the promise of reducing weight.