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Inglewood Calgary Restaurants

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Take your first date to quaint Rouge and spend a night getting to know each other on the outdoor patio amongst blossoming trees. Enjoy the presentation of the food as much as the food itself. Discuss business deals over a sandwich from Spolumbo’s Italian Deli and experience traditional European meat and sausages.

Enjoy everything The Carmichael has to offer. Three course lunch and dinner menus offer a myriad of choices for even the most discerning palate. With choices ranging from Meat and Seafood to Vegetarian, you are guaranteed to find something wonderful at this restaurant.

The best places on earth are those that offer your stomach some good food. We call such places as restaurants. Have you ever wondered where restaurant started? In ancient times, a small establishment that sells food and drinks has been tagged as thermopolium, that had L-shaped counters wherein large storage vessels were sunk, and these contain food. The thermopolium or now called restaurant offers prepared foods and beverages to customers.

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As time progresses, this little origin became complex with its emerging types which includes fast food, fast casual restaurant, casual dining restaurant, family style, and fine dining. To define each, let’s start with fast food which is characterized by the speed of service. An example of fast food is McDonald’s which falls under Quick Serve Restaurant.

The fast casual does not offer table service but non-disposable plates and cutlery. The price of food being served lies in the middle of fast food and casual dining. On the other hand, casual dining serves moderately-priced food with traditional table service in a casual atmosphere.

When diners serve themselves, it is called family style, and food is often served on platters. There is a big difference when it comes to fine dining since customers receive full service with dedicated meal courses. The atmosphere is elegant with high-quality décor, and staff is usually high-trained and wear formal uniform.

Today, restaurants are almost everywhere that they are dominating the community. Mostly fast food chains are gaining the market since the products are more affordable and are easily prepared. Unlike fine dining, you need to be an A class in order to enter such a cozy atmosphere and order for an expensive course. But for practicality, there is nothing better than home-cooking where you can do and serve everything you want as you garnish each dish with love and passion.

In big cities like New York, it has been a tradition to celebrate the Restaurant Week. Just recently, New York City celebrated the 20th year of New York Restaurant Week with 20 days of dining deals at Manhattan’s trendiest and best restaurants. This special event started in 1992 as a one-time lunch promotion for visitors to NYC during the National Democratic Convention. It became a biannual tradition since then, which New Yorkers embraced. During the 2011 New York Restaurant Week, NYC’s top restaurants served three-course lunches for $24.07 and three-course dinners for $35.

This event may not be big in other parts of North America but who knows, Inglewood might be the first initiator.